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Synchronicity Blog:
Through synchronicity, how else?

After all the excitement about buying the house and successfully running it while I still lived in Victoria, I vowed that I would not spend another miserable Christmas like I did last year.

Analyzing the amazing happening surrounding my hose, drawing constellations and diagrams to try and figure out how to harness this strange, magical power available to us all, I concluded my Buddhist chanting (Sokka Gaki – the Nam Myo Range Kiyo style. I call it the only “Direct form the wholesaler to you” form of Buddhism.

I began to chant vigorously for a boyfriend for Christmas. And after doing that for a few mornings I thought Karma means action. What actions must I take to attract this unsuspecting person who I know is out there?

I coined the phrase “Introduce me Month. 9see the special section on that soon to be posted with specific details,).

I put the campaign to banish the seasonal blues into instant action. September was to be Introduce Me Month. I would ask friends and acquaintances that if they knew any my age guy who was moaning and groaning that all the god ones were taken, to send him my way. I would date anyone, any size, any shape, any color, any income level, I would prefer is they enjoyed going to the Yale, a local blues bar, or dug art, but that was not essential. The main thing is that as of September 30 that was it.

I had to pack into that month as many friendly introductions as possible.

September 1 was an emotional day. A holiday in Canada Labour Day” a dear colleague John Juliana had suddenly died. In his prime. A drama producer at CBC, a leader in the acting community and an inspiring writer, director and thespian, I found myself at his funeral in a large church. Feathers were flying, people were singing and it was such a transition he must be smiling still.

Through my tears, I sudden realized – the sanctuary was packed with scriptwriter, musicians, artists, actors, propos people, carvers, and Japanese calligrapher – just my kind of folk. There must be a cute single guy here!

AT the reception I spotted likely candidate to test drive introduce me month. Of course, I was not an n early adopter – I was going to introduce myself. As a friend once described my approach to handling large crowd of people at pubic event – “Look out you lucky people – here I come!” I advise anyone feeling slightly shy under those kinds of circumstances to write that phrase on you hand and you’ll be amazed what self-propelled confidence it will give you.

Greg Freedman was his name. A surrealistic painter. We yakked up a storm and then his wife, Marilyn joined us. The wind went momentarily out of my sails, but I realized they lived in New Westminster, a mysterious superb not too far away with, I was convinced, an Aladdin’s cave of cue single guys that I had not tapped into yet.

So I told them of the structure of Introduce Me Month. They were thrilled to be in on it and even plucked the sleeve of a vioiolinist brushing past on the way to the pretzel bowl. Jim have you met Joan? He gave me a quick glance and decided in favour of the pretzels.

Encouraged, to show my thanks I invited them on a tour CBC where they could meet their hero broadcaster Jurgen Gothe. It was now September 1, and they would come by the station September 3.

Back at work I announced to my dear friend and old hand at manhunting Beatijs B. the introduce me month scheme. She looked at my with pity, having gone through all the machinations of hope and despair, and told me to forget it, it was a useless endeavor. Just not worth it. By lunch she was practically on her knees begging me to attend a Fringe Festival sponsor night that evening. They had a pause to give CBC for our sponsorship support and I would have to make a speech. None of the hosts could attend because, as we all know at sponsor recognition night, it is usually rather dull with long conversations that go nowhere with people you’ll never see again. For host they’d rather run naked through the studio with their hair on fire than do that ONE MORE TIME>

But hey – day 2 of introduce me month. There might be a cute singe guy there!

So off I went.

Arriving just as things were heating up (ha) my timing was perfect. I wasn’t there 2 seconds when I receive a gentle hip check and there was a very cute guy who says, “How did you enjoy the wedding? As I turned to him, his face fell as I said ‘I wasn’t at the wedding, but I sure enjoyed the funeral”.

Rob apologized profusely. I am so sorry. I went to a wedding over the weekend and you looked form the side so much like the wife of a person I met! “ He then turned and hustled off to get me a glass of o wine. We’ve been together for 6 years snow and I still like the way he hustles.

Anyhow – we had a lovely time laughing and talking and I certainly could feel the sparks going from a tiny ember to a semi to No 4 on a stove burner ring.

As the evening was winding won, I changed the tone of our chat. “Did you know that September is Introduce my self month? I inquired coquettishly? He said “No.” I asked him “Is there anything you have always wanted to do?” “I’ve always wanted to go kayaking “ he replied. “Great. Meet me at 2 pm at the Deep Cove Kayak Center and we shall go.”

WE met. We had a great time. The burner was now about at 7. We made a second date for the next afternoon. After the play he took me to dinner. What a change not to have to offer to split the bill. I discovered not only was he a talented architect, but he loved art. I always wanting to help people become known, I immediately told him about my new friend Greg Freedman, the fabulous surrealistic artist I had met 6 days ago. But I stumbled over the name. Often I jus can’t dredge up a last name.

Rob said – what’s hi name? I said Greg .. Greg …” he replied Oh, Greg and Marilyn. I had dinner with them last week.

Dear Reader: Chances are we should have been introduced. I just sped up the process by being very active in my intention.

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Hang onto your synchronicity hats! I will be as brief as I can. After I saw the house it was bathed in a golden glow in my mind and I snapped it up. On my way out of town I stopped at a close friend's house to announce I had bought a house in Victoria (I was living in Vancouver at the time and working for CBC doing marketing and promotion).

He asked what the address was and I said 44 Lewis Street. “Lewis Street? I know someone on Lewis Street...


Thanks to my often ridiculous love of promotional items like key chain flashlights and sponges that are imprinted dry with a logo, that then swell up so the logo looks fantastic and the user keeps it around until it rots, one of my unachieved goals after being booted out of CBC – sorry – traded in for an ad agency. I used to get paid about $30 an hour and now they pay an ad agency person $120 an hour to do less of the same thing..go figure … I was feeling drained from spending endless hours on the phone trying to authenticate Gerry Deiter’s time in NYC. He was a kingpin of fashion photography in Greenwich Village probably 1966 to 1968. – dating the super models and. driving a sports car long before the Miata made all our lives a lot better. And our wallets heavier because they actually need little repair.

What energies were afoot the day in 2003 when I saw the plain-Jane pile of stucco and brick with it’s two tacky cement lions standing guard out front I don’t know but it must have been something big.

What is the architecture when one experiences synchronicity? After the incredible escalation of amazing coincidences, improbably happenings and unlikely occurrences to do with my love of Victoria, meeting Gerry Deiter and taking over his after-life I have decided to record them for everyone’s amusement and tutelage.