Synchronicity Blog: : How My House Chose Me
Synchronicity Blog:
What energies were afoot the day in 2003 when I saw the plain-Jane pile of stucco and brick with it’s two tacky cement lions standing guard out front I don’t know but it must have been something big.

It began on the way to Victoria to meet my realtor. On the way to the ferry I randomly thought about Jeff Birmingham, a young musician I had befriended some time ago. Hadn’t heard from him in well over a year. Maybe two. An endless line-up on a hot summer day greeted me at the ferry terminal. But, I traded cold water for a reservation card with student traffic “cop” and breezed through, paid my fee and parked. Out of the car in front hopped – Jeff Birmingham, who had been living in Alberta.

I decided to get lunch and noticed an obvious suspicious character also buying lunch at the ferry concession stand. I'd avoid him for sure. Looks like a boring nut to me. Turning my attention to where I would sit to eat, I spotted a touring bicycle, nicely packed, leaning against a table. I sat there and waited for the muscular German, or lithe Frenchman to arrive, not suspecting that soon he would be trapped in my friendly conversation. There is an upside to this: he’d be able to eat because I normally do all the talking.

Over lurched – The Nut. And sat down opposite me. Not a nut at all. His story? He had been in a horrific car accident three years earlier and had only just learned to walk again. But he could not sit in a vehicle, as it was so painful for him. The bicycle was perfect- he got exercise and it didn’t bother his back. He had pedaled from Kamloops to Tsawwassen where the ferry terminal is and was headed to the Gulf Islands. His gait was a result of the accident and his rigid features the result of reconstructive surgery. Joan – will you never learn to stop being judgmental?

We chatted and he told me he really wanted to go to Courtenay, but that was too much really. When he was younger he used to baby sit for a guy on a little acreage near Merville. B.C. The guy had three children and he had always wondered how their lives had turned out.

I knew right away, from the previous synchronicity with Jeff, that I was in the bubble. I said – well you must be talking about Bunky Hall, a former lover of mine who had dumped me in the most horrible way. But his now grown children hadn’t. Especially his daughter and son-on law who are remarkable human beings and had offered me much comfort at the time. We remained friends and whenever I see B. I smile at him through very dry teeth.

I said to the cyclist –the kids are happy and successful, here is an email address.

I am not sure if he ever did contact them, but the force of the incredible co-incidence still gives me shiver.

In summation: I made an inquiry or a wish to the Universe re: Jeff and got an answer on my way to the ferry. The cyclist made a wish on his way to the ferry and got his answer. Karma – a universal and impersonal teacher of balance and responsibility.

More importantly: Was I not truly destined to find the perfect house?

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