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Synchronicity Blog:
Thanks to my often ridiculous love of promotional items like key chain flashlights and sponges that are imprinted dry with a logo, that then swell up so the logo looks fantastic and the user keeps it around until it rots, one of my unachieved goals after being booted out of CBC – sorry – traded in for an ad agency. I used to get paid about $30 an hour and now they pay an ad agency person $120 an hour to do less of the same thing..go figure … I was feeling drained from spending endless hours on the phone trying to authenticate Gerry Deiter’s time in NYC. He was a kingpin of fashion photography in Greenwich Village probably 1966 to 1968. – dating the super models and. driving a sports car long before the Miata made all our lives a lot better. And our wallets heavier because they actually need little repair.

So I said to myself “Hey – you’re supposed to be having fun here. Take a break”. As I am on the downward career slop as a professional communicator, specialist, strategist of whatever spinny phrase they use these days to try and elevate out profession, I still prefer “I’m n Public Relations”. To me, that sums it all up.

Now what did I do for that fun break? I googled up “Lenticular Bookmarks”. I had tried to get CBC Vancouver to loosen the promo purse strings and make lenticular bookmarks. That is a printing method that superimposes one or more images on top another for a three-D effect or a total image change. Everyone can relate to the winking eye – tip the image one way the eye is open, another it is closed. Perfect or AM and FM sister stations.

Like most good ideas I floated to top brass at CBC it never got off the ground. The best things I did were done out of town, away from the inquiring eyes of slippery soled managers. Like the time I got a team of horses and a stagecoach to pull the hosts down the street in Kamloops to promote out radio remote. All for free, too. It’s that kind of experience that makes one realize that luck, timing and how you know is often how things get done.

Where was I? OK. Lenticular Bookmarks. I want them for my book promotion. Publishers these days are crying the no-dough blues and downloading what used to be their responsibility to authors. I pity authors who do not have a background in PR. They are destined for a nervous breakdown, or at the very least sore fingertips from biting their nails down to the quick.

I learned long ago if you are hanging on by your fingernails, just grow longer nails. It works for me.

The google search brought up pages of companies that produce or co-ordinate lentcular products. Most had very industrial sounding names. But four down was DEPTHOGRAPHIS. Now there’s a name after my own heart.

I sent a quick e-mail, Photos of John ad Yoko 1969, want to make a bookmark. Give me an estimate.

I got a telephone call the next day. Don’t get me started about people who do on return e-mal inquiries. That would never be a best seller like this one.

I could barely understand the man on the other end of the line. I could make out that he was calling from New York from Depthographcs with regard to my e-mail.

I felt so sorry for him. He obviously had had a stroke. With all the multitudes of people I have spoken to over the phone over the last 25 years, I have come to know when a person is handicapped and not drunk.

A few sentences into to the conversation, the man begin to cough and sputter. The phone was dropped. The sputtering became more acute. Sometimes the Esophagus is affected in a stroke and this can happen.

Finally the horrible sound of phlegm and gurgling stopped. A brisk, richly accented Brooklyn voice came back on.

“Odom so sorry, Joan. I don’t know why I do that! I put a big handful of punkin' seeds in my mouth just as I called you and I as choking on the”.

That was my introduction to a remarkable man named Robert Munn, a 3-d artist who runs on of the best shops formatting lenticular products. After giving me the quote and explaining the process, he said that he does a 3-D evening cabaret show on regular basis at the Gershwin Hotel and I should come sometime.

A light went on and I said, “I’m looking for palace to launch my book in NY. The Gershwin sounds perfect.”

AS Robert told me, he has found that due to his generous and expansive personality, he naturally connects people up, causing new ideas take root and grow. Sometimes he merely is the catalyst, and the idea becomes a comet in his sky, but he accepts that. He says it is an energetic side effect of his enterprise.

That was how I was introduced to Neke Carson, a remarkable artist and person who has been bringing cabaret performances to the Gershwin for some time now.

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