Synchronicity Blog:: Four Hits in a Row
Synchronicity Blog:
Hang onto your synchronicity hats! I will be as brief as I can. After I saw the house it was bathed in a golden glow in my mind and I snapped it up. On my way out of town I stopped at a close friend's house to announce I had bought a house in Victoria (I was living in Vancouver at the time and working for CBC doing marketing and promotion).

He asked what the address was and I said 44 Lewis Street. “Lewis Street? I know someone on Lewis Street.

Now Lewis Street has 25 houses and is dead end in the mini-village James Bay. Just behind the Legislative building in downtown Victoria.

I phoned his friend who indeed did live at No. 43 Lewis Street. Anything I should know about the housel or the street? Nope. Nice house was what they said.

The following week I returned to sign papers and stayed with some friends of mine. Stephen W. said “Congratulations. What is the address? No. 44 Lewis Street. “Lewis Street? I know Lewis Street. I used to live at No. 48. He had shared a hose with some friends a few years ago.

When I returned to work that Monday I skipped over to my TV promo producer who was formally from Victoria and announced my purchase. “Lewis Street? I know Lewis Street. My best friend Lizzy lives at 38.”

When I then send a note to the tenants currently in the house (it was divided into three apartments) informing them of the change of ownership and assuring them nothing would change – not even the rent the upstairs tenant Tom Winterhof wrote back right away. “Hi Joan. Don’t you remember me? We worked together on the Arthur Black project.”

So how many synchronicities is that in one sitting? 4.

However, take into account that if I did not have such a big mouth and enjoy talking to people, probably none of this would have happened. Synchronicities just sit like fairies under toadstools waiting to be notices so they can skip and dance to demonstrate their magic.

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